Jang Dong-yoon

Born in July 12th, 1992

From Daegu, South Korea

Jang Dong-yoon Biography

Jang Dong-yoon is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his leading roles in the popular television series "School 2017", "A Poem a Day", and "The Tale of Nokdu". In 2015, while attending Hanyang University, Jang was first caught in the media for his bravery. It was reported Jang had come across a robber with a lethal weapon, threatening a convenience store clerk in Seoul's Gwanak District, where he had devised a quick plan to have the culprit arrested.

He was recognized with a commendation from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for this act of heroism. This popularity later had led him to receive many casting offers.

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Jang Dong-yoon Filmography