Jeremy Ninaber

From Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Jeremy Ninaber Born Benjamin Jeremy Ninaber in Kentville Nova Scotia, Jeremy is the youngest of four children, and has always been an entertainer. His career began officially in his early teens with roles in dance and musical theatre. He soon added vocal lessons to his repertoire and began training with Canadian Juno Award Winner Ray Lyell. After recording his own album he turned his attention to modeling and television roles, with appearances in shows such as Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Close Encounters as well as performances in commercials with Gatorade and music videos.

Jeremy being the youngest of his two brothers at a young age developed an interest in martial arts. Taking karate from the age of seven through twelve. Continuing onward with Brazilian jujitsu, Krav Maga and stunt training via hybrid fighting method. Jeremy is known for his sense of humor, determination and an unwavering commitment to his craft. His film debut, Last Run, was directed by his brother Matthew - a pattern they continued with the production of Extraction Day.

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