Juzo Itami

Born in May 15th, 1933

From Kyoto, Japan

Juzo Itami Biography

Jūzō Itami (1933–1997) was a Japanese actor and, later, a popular modern screenwriter and film director. Many critics came to regard him as Japan's greatest director since Akira Kurosawa. His ten feature-length movies and one short film, all of which he wrote himself, are comic satires on elements of Japanese culture. He was murdered by the yakuza in December 1997.

Juzo Itami Filmography

Tampopo Poster
October 21, 2016
A Taxing Woman Poster
September 26, 1987
The Makioka Sisters Poster
December 30, 1983
Grass Labyrinth Poster
November 3, 1979
Lord Jim Poster
February 25, 1965
55 Days at Peking Poster
May 28, 1963
The Big Wave Poster
April 2, 1961