• Kim  Bodnia

    Kim Bodnia

    Born on April 12th, 1965

    From Frederiksberg, Denmark

Awards & Nominations

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British Academy of Film & Television Arts (2019)
Supporting Actor
Robert Award (2014)
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Terribly Happy Poster

Terribly Happy

Robert (Jakob Cedergren) -- a timid Copenhagen city policeman -- is reassigned to protect and serve in a sleepy town in rural Denmark. But Robert struggles to maintain order in his new jurisdiction, a lawless place where the only rules are those dictated -- and enforced -- by local thug and serial wife-beater Jorgen (Kim Bodnia). As the indifferent townspeople dismiss Robert's laughable attempts at police work, he nurses a fixation with Jorgen's sexpot spouse, Ingerlise (Lene Maria Christensen).

Bodil Awards (2009)
Best Supporting Actor
Dragonflies Poster


Rugged ex-convict Eddie (Kim Bodnia) and his sexy girlfriend, Maria (Maria Bonnevie), live isolated from others in their rural hideaway. But when a mysterious old prison buddy of Eddie's, Kullman (Mikael Persbrandt), intrudes onto the scene, tension between the two men threatens the life Eddie has made with Maria. When Kullman states that he's not leaving anytime soon and begins getting too close to Maria, Eddie has to tread carefully so as not to lose everything that's he's fought for.

Amandaprisen (2002)
Best Actor