Larry Keating

Born in June 13th, 1896

From St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Larry Keating Biography

He was a very familiar face in movies and on television during the 1940s, 50s and 60s. He was usually seen playing an intellectual, a good friend or a snob in such films as The Incredible Mr. Limpet (with Don Knotts), When Worlds Collide, Monkey Business (with Cary Grant), The Eddie Duchin Story (with Tyrone Power) and Daddy Long Legs. He is probably best rememered as Harry Morton (1953-58) on the George Burns & Gracie Allen Show and as the stuffy Roger Addison, next door neighbor of Mr.

Ed (produced by George Burns' McCadden Productions).

Larry Keating Filmography

Boys' Night Out Poster
June 21, 1962
Who Was That Lady? Poster
April 15, 1960
Stopover Tokyo Poster
December 26, 1957
The Wayward Bus Poster
May 27, 1957
The Eddy Duchin Story Poster
June 21, 1956
Daddy Long Legs Poster
May 5, 1955