Matthew Barney

Born in March 25th, 1967

From San Francisco

Matthew Barney Biography

Matthew Barney was born in San Francisco in 1967; at age six, he moved to Idaho with his family. After his parents divorced, Barney continued to live with his father in Idaho, playing football on his high school team, and visiting his mother in New York City, where he was introduced to art and museums. This intermingling of sports and art informs his work as a sculptor and filmmaker.

After graduating from Yale in 1991, Barney entered the art world to almost instant controversy and success.

Matthew Barney Filmography

Redoubt Poster
March 1, 2019
Drawing Restraint 23 Poster
September 13, 2015
River of Fundament Poster
February 12, 2014
Blood of Two Poster
January 1, 2009
Cremaster 3 Poster
May 15, 2002
Cremaster 2 Poster
January 1, 1999
Cremaster 5 Poster
January 1, 1997