Mikhail Rasumny

Born in May 13th, 1890

From Odessa, Russia [present Ukraine]

Mikhail Rasumny Biography

From Wikipedia Mikhail Rasumny (May 13, c.1884 in Odessa, Russian empire – February 17, 1956 in United States) was a Soviet- and American film actor. His age in a February 1935 passenger list was given as 51, meaning that he was probably born in 1883 or 1884 and not in 1890 as stated in other sources. Rasumny was born in Odessa, son of the famous cantor Solomon (Ephroim Zalmen) Razumny, who was chief cantor of the choral synagogues in Kishinev, Nikolayev and Odessa.

After the death of his father in 1905 he moved to Saint Petersburg, where he began his theatrical career. He later moved to Moscow and emigrated to Berlin in 1927. In 1933 he opened in Paris a Yiddish revue theater "Der kundes", in 1934 another Yiddish company "Parizer Azazel", then in 1938 in New York — Yidishe dramatishe studie (Yiddish Dramatic Studio).

Buried at Beth Olam Cemetery in Los Angeles.