Naoki Tatsuta

Born in September 8th, 1950

From Naga, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan

Naoki Tatsuta Biography

Naoki Tatsuta (龍田 直樹, Tatsuta Naoki, September 8, 1950) is a Japanese voice actor and narrator from Iwade Town, Naga District, Wakayama Prefecture (currently Iwade City). His former stage name was 竜田 直樹 (also reading Naoki Tatsuta). He is affiliated with Aoni Production. He is most known for the role of Oolong in Dragon Ball.

Naoki Tatsuta Movies

Naoki Tatsuta TV Shows

Dragon Ball Z Poster
April 26, 1989
Dragon Ball Poster
February 26, 1986
Hunter x Hunter Poster
October 2, 2011
Cowboy Bebop Poster
April 3, 1998
Powerpuff Girls Z Poster
July 1, 2006

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