• Peter  Finch

    Peter Finch

    Born on September 28th, 1916

    From London, England


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No Love for Johnnie Poster

No Love for Johnnie

Middle-aged Johnnie Byrne (Peter Finch) is a member of the British House of Commons. Johnnie's life is in disarray -- not only has his marriage failed, but he has just lost out on a top advisory position. Feeling despondent, he joins a radical political group and has a brief affair with a model, but both experiences leave him feeling even colder. He unexpectedly gets a chance to salvage his marriage, but love will have to come at the expense of his career, leaving him in a complex situation.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1962)
British Actor
The Trials of Oscar Wilde Poster

The Trials of Oscar Wilde

Renowned for his flamboyant and witty persona, Irish writer Oscar Wilde (Peter Finch) clashes in court with the powerful Marquess of Queensberry (Lionel Jeffries), the father of his young lover, Lord Alfred Douglas (John Fraser). While Wilde instigates a libel case, the hearing results in the playwright's own trial and prosecution for gross indecency and sodomy. Wilde's subsequent prison stint leads to a tragic decline for the revered literary figure.

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1961)
British Actor
Windom's Way Poster

Windom's Way

Idealistic British surgeon Alec Windom (Peter Finch) travels to Burma, where he quickly becomes embroiled in the politics of the region. Favoring the native interests over the imperialists when the workers of a rubber plantation go on strike, Windom supports them and hides their leader in a hospital. His support falters, however, when the workers join a growing and active rebellion. Windom's activities are further interrupted by the arrival of his strong-willed wife, Lee (Mary Ure).

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1958)
British Actor