Russell Metty

Born in September 20th, 1906

From Los Angeles, California, USA

Russell Metty Biography

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Russell Metty, A.S.C. (September 20, 1906 – April 28, 1978) was an American cinematographer who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematography, Color, for the 1960 film Spartacus. Metty's career began around 1925 as an assistant with Standard Film Laboratory, who was then was hired by Paramount Pictures working in the camera department.

He left for RKO in 1929. He became a regular cameraman at Universal Studios, and was a regular collaborator with the German film director Douglas Sirk, making eleven films all together with Sirk.

Russell Metty Filmography

Ben Poster
June 23, 1972
The Omega Man Poster
August 1, 1971
Rough Night in Jericho Poster
August 1, 1967
The Appaloosa Poster
September 14, 1966
The War Lord Poster
November 17, 1965
That Touch of Mink Poster
June 14, 1962
The Misfits Poster
February 1, 1961