Samir Ghanem

Born in November 15th, 1937

From Asyut, Egypt

Samir Ghanem Biography

Samir Youssif Ghanem graduated from the faculty of agriculture in 1967. He became friends with George Seydhom and al-Deyf Ahmed and the three formed “Adwaa al-Masrah” (Theater Lights), which was a singing and acting trozupe. Ghanem had outstanding stage performances in the productions “Tabeekh al-Malayka” (Angelic Cuisine), “Romeo wa Juliet,” among others.

Ghanem also had an outstanding performance in “Fawazir Ramadan” – Ramadan Trivia Shows – where he assumed the character Fatouta. Among his most successful television performances was his role in “Hekayat Captain Mizo” (The Tales of Captain Mizo). Although having a career containing several flops and mediocre efforts, Ghanem is considered among the most talented, spontaneous and resourceful comedic actors in the middle east.

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Samir Ghanem Filmography