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Shezan Saleem a.k.a JO-G, is a Filmmaker/Music Producer/Singer based in Toronto, Canada and Karachi, Pakistan. Acquired his professional training in the art of sound design and music production from Toronto, Canada. Son to a Pakistani pop Music Legend Saleem Javed, it was inevitable that Shezan would be tilting towards the media at a very early age.

Started his career as Sound Engineer at the age of 14, and has produced, recorded, mixed and mastered over 1500 songs. He has been working as video director, editor and cinematographer for almost a decade and has worked with various international brands in Canada, USA, Middle East and Pakistan. Currently, he is also working as a Digital Marketing Guru for various brands from around the world.

Shezan's new found passion is exploring and experiencing various cultures and traditions through traveling and capturing those emotions and experiences in form of a travel film. The Beautiful Sindh

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