Born in March 1st, 1977

From Nannestad, Norway

Silenoz Biography

Silenoz has been Dimmu Borgir's guitarist since they started. He also composes and writes lyrics for most of the band's songs. He contributes backing vocals (on "Stormblåst", its re-record, and "Godless Savage Garden") and bass (on "Stormblåst MMV"). He also sung lead vocals on their debut album "For All Tid". At first, he was known only as Erkekjetter Silenoz (Arch-Heretic Silenoz in Norwegian).

Another band Silenoz, or "Ed Damnator" as he was called, played rhythm guitar and occasional bass in was the Norwegian thrash metal band, "Nocturnal Breed". Before becoming a musician Silenoz used to work in a kindergarten. Silenoz has written the majority of Dimmu Borgir's lyrics and also based the songs in the album In Sorte Diaboli on a narrative of his composition.

Silenoz was featured as a voice actor in the Adult Swim cartoon Metalocalypse. This episode kicked off the second season of the popular show and debuted on Adult Swim Fix on Friday 21 September 2007. Silenoz originally played bass, but he 'felt limited by only four strings'. He has played guitar since 1991, saying that he was inspired to play the guitar by Judas Priest, Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen - in his words 'Real guitar players'.

[1] For many years as Guitarist in Dimmu Borgir, Silenoz appeared with long hair, however most recently in 2012 he has appeared with a shaven head whilst maintaining a beard and various piercings.