• Susan  Strasberg

    Susan Strasberg

    Born on May 22nd, 1938

    From New York, New York, USA


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Adventures of a Young Man Poster

Adventures of a Young Man

Hemingway's Nick Adams (Richard Beymer) hits the road, meets a boxer (Paul Newman) and drives an ambulance in World War I France.

Golden Globe (1963)
Best Performance By an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama
Picnic Poster


Charming Hal Carter (William Holden) turned to wandering after a failed acting career left him loose in the wind. Interested in reuniting with an old college friend, Alan Benson (Cliff Robertson), Carter bums a train ride to a tranquil Kansas town. Alan greets him warmly, and together they join the community in a picnic celebration of Labor Day. However, his welcome quickly sours when sparks ignite between him and Alan's girlfriend, Madge Owens (Kim Novak).

British Academy of Film & Television Arts (1957)
Most Promising Newcomer to Film