Svetoslav Peev

Born in April 4th, 1939

From Sofia, Bulgaria

Svetoslav Peev Biography

Svetoslav Peev was born on April 4, 1939 in Sofia. He graduated in "acting" in National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Sofia, Bulgaria in the class of Professor Zhelcho Mandadziev in 1964. From 1967 to 1997 he was an actor in the Satire Theatre, and in 1986 - 1989 he was the chief of the theater. He played over 70 theater roles, including characters Ivan Andonov in "Roman Bath" by Stanislav Stratiev (1974); Ivan Andonov in "Suede Jacket "(1976) by Stanislav Stratiev; Virtuoso in" Race "(1980); Doctor in" Achievers " (1984); Director of the Theatre in "Balkan syndrome" (1987).

Svetoslav Peev has over 100 television roles. He starred in 23 films including "Men in Business", "Family Vacation", "Friends for Dinner", "Examinations at Any Time", "Matriarchy", "War of the Hedgehogs," "My Dad Painter" . His directing career was in theater and began in 2006. Then Peev put "Roman Bath" by Stanislav Stratiev in the Satire Theater.

Other directed productions of Svetoslav Peev are "Two Weddings and a adultery" by Ray Cooney and "Backgammon" by Dimitris Kehaidis .