Taiji Tonoyama

Born in October 17th, 1915

From Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Taiji Tonoyama Biography

Taiji Tonoyama (殿山 泰司, Tonoyama Taiji, 1915–1989) was a Japanese character actor who made many appearances in films and on television from 1939 to 1989. He was a close friend of Kaneto Shindo and one of his regular cast members. He was also an essayist. In 1950 he helped form the film company Kindai Eiga Kyokai with Shindo and Kōzaburō Yoshimura.

Taiji Tonoyama Filmography

Black Rain Poster
September 17, 1989
The Ballad of Narayama Poster
September 7, 1984
Vengeance Is Mine Poster
October 17, 1979
Empire of Passion Poster
March 26, 1979
Kuroneko Poster
May 26, 1971
Onibaba Poster
November 21, 1964
The Insect Woman Poster
June 29, 1964