Takeshi Aono

Born in June 19th, 1936

From Asahikawa, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Takeshi Aono Biography

Aono Takeshi was a Japanese voice actor and actor affiliated with Aoni Production. He is also known to gamers as the voice of the diabolical Dr. Wily in the PlayStation-era Mega Man games.

Takeshi Aono Movies

Takeshi Aono TV Shows

Dragon Ball Z Poster
April 26, 1989
Dragon Ball Poster
February 26, 1986
Cowboy Bebop Poster
April 3, 1998
Ranma ½ Poster
April 15, 1989
Monster Poster
April 6, 2004
April 2, 1998
Clannad Poster
October 5, 2007

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