Takeshi Kaneshiro

Born in October 11th, 1973

From Taipei, Taiwan

Takeshi Kaneshiro Biography

Takeshi Kaneshiro, born October 11, 1973, is a Taiwanese and Japanese actor of mixed heritage – his father is Ryukyuan and his mother is Taiwanese. He speaks Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese Hokkien and English. Known for his versatile roles in Taiwanese, Hong Kong and Japanese cinema, he gained international recognition for his performances in films like "Chungking Express" (1994), "Fallen Angels" (1995), and "House of Flying Daggers" (2004).

In addition to his acting career, Kaneshiro has also released several music albums and has been involved in numerous commercial endorsements. Despite maintaining a relatively private personal life, his talent and enduring popularity have made him a prominent figure in Asian entertainment.

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Takeshi Kaneshiro Movies

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November 30, 2012
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May 23, 2009
Red Cliff II Poster
January 7, 2009
Red Cliff Poster
November 20, 2008
Perhaps Love Poster
February 10, 2007
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December 21, 2006

Takeshi Kaneshiro TV Shows

Precious Time Poster
July 7, 1998
Golden Bowl Poster
April 20, 2002

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