Tatyana Lolova

Born in February 10th, 1934

From Sofia, Bulgaria

Tatyana Lolova Biography

Tatiana Lolova was born on 10 February 1934 in Sofia. She graduated in Acting from National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Sofia in 1955, then played a year at Ruse Drama Theatre and became one of the founding members of the State Theatre of Satire (1956-1978). In 1978-1989 joined the company of Sofia Theatre. In her early career she was more popular for her radio than her stage performances, but the advent of TV made her a real celebrity.

Starring in over 50 features and TV series with, among others, An Incredible Story (1964); Birds and Greyhounds (1969); The Five of the Moby Dick (1970); Indian Summer (1973); Stars in the Hair, Tears in the Eyes (1977); Warmth (1978); Good Luck, Inspector! (1983); Dangerous Charm (1984); After the End of the World (1998); The English Neighbour (2011); House Arrest (2011).

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Tatyana Lolova Filmography