• Vincent  Gardenia

    Vincent Gardenia

    Born on January 7th, 1920

    From Naples, Campania, Italy


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Age-Old Friends Poster

Age-Old Friends

The resident of a nursing home, John Cooper (Hume Cronyn) is frustrated by his strictly ordered surroundings. Even though his body is in decline, John remains mentally keen, while his close friend, Michael Aylott (Vincent Gardenia), has the opposite issues -- he is in fairly good health, but becoming progressively more senile. As John and Michael attempt to keep some level of independence and contend with their own ailments, they try their best to support each other.

Outstanding Supporting Actor for a Miniseries or Special
Bang the Drum Slowly Poster

Bang the Drum Slowly

When hotshot pitcher Henry Wiggen (Michael Moriarty) is signed to the New York Mammoths, his confident ways quickly win over his teammates. He's quite the opposite of Bruce Pearson (Robert De Niro), the team's simpleminded catcher, who has difficulty connecting with others. But when Henry discovers that Bruce has been hiding that he was recently diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer, the unlikely pair become close. Despite Henry's efforts to look out for Bruce, however, team tensions rise.

Actor in a Supporting Role