• Fall Time (1995)

Fall Time

Release Date: 1995

DVD Release Date: July 6th, 1999

R |1 hr 28 min

Plot Summary

In 1950s America, three friends -- David (David Arquette), Joe (Jonah Blechman) and Tim (Jason London) -- get it in their heads to pull a prank in honor of their high school graduation. Staging a bank robbery and kidnapping, the three find they've picked the wrong bank at the wrong time when they clash with Florence (Mickey Rourke) and Leon (Stephen Baldwin) -- who are actually robbing the bank. After the two crooks take the friends hostage, the only way out is to go through with the robbery.

Cast: Mickey Rourke, Stephen Baldwin, Sheryl Lee, Jason London, David Arquette, Jonah Blechman

Director: Paul Warner

Genres: Crime drama

Production Co: Capitol Films, Live Entertainment

Keywords: Deception, Amusing, Tense, Growing up, 1950s, Underdog, Escape, Friend