Hope (2021)

Movie"What about love when you have three months left to live?"
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Anja (Andrea Bræin Hovig) and Tomas (Stellan Skarsgård) have a large family of biological children and stepchildren. Over a number of years the two partners have grown apart and independent of each other, with busy creative careers in parallel worlds. When Anja gets terminal cancer diagnosis their life breaks down and exposes the neglected love. Alone with her grief and her fears, Anja realizes that she needs Tomas' full help and support, and the two embark on a challenging journey in which they discover themselves and each other anew.
DirectorMaria Sødahl
WriterMaria Sødahl

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Theatrical Release:April 16th, 2021 - Buy Tickets
Original Language:Norwegian
Executive Producers:Yngve Sæther, Espen Osmundsen
Production Companies:Motlys, Film i Väst, Zentropa International Sweden, Oslo Pictures, Zentropa Entertainments