Pascali's Island Poster

Release Date: 1988

PG-13|1 hr 46 min

Plot Summary
Basil Pascali (Ben Kingsley) is a Turkish secret agent who has spent years in the service of the Ottoman Empire. As Turkey's power wanes, Pascali is left to operate largely on his own. However, things change when he is assigned to work with English archeologist Anthony Bowles (Charles Dance) and artist Lydia Neuman (Helen Mirren) in planning the heist of a Greek artifact. As Pascali becomes more involved in the scheme, the plot takes some surprising turns.

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Charles Dance, Dame Helen Mirren, George Murcell, Sheila Allen, Nadim Sawalha

Director: James Dearden

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Mystery, Engaging, Love interest, Deception