Possessed (2000)

TMDb Score
NR 1 hr 29 minOct 22nd, 2000Horror

An 11 year old boy starts throwing temper tantrums, vomiting on and attacking people, and swearing uncontrollably. Furniture begins to move on its own when he is around, and he doesn't remember any of it. After giving up on the protestants, the boy's parents turn to the catholic church for help. Father Bowden is a WWII veteran who is experiencing nightmares, flashbacks and other personal problems, including alcoholism. He is recruited by the archbishop to perform a series of exorcisms. This is the apparent true account of the last exorcism known to have been done by the catholic church.

Timothy Daltonas Fr. Willam Bowden
Henry Czernyas Fr. Raymond McBride
Jonathan Malenas Robbie Mannheim