• The Candidate (1972)

The Candidate

Release Date: 1972

DVD Release Date: October 29th, 1997

PG |1 hr 50 min

Plot Summary

Without a candidate to run for the senate seat against admired Republican Crocker Jarmon (Don Porter), campaign manager Marvin Lucas (Peter Boyle) recruits leftist lawyer Bill McKay (Robert Redford). McKay's appearance piques the public's interest, and gradually Lucas pushes McKay toward a more centrist message. As McKay's original and honest platform gets watered down, his popularity increases so much that he is running even with Jarmon as Election Day approaches.

Cast: Robert Redford, Peter Boyle, Melvyn Douglas, Don Porter, Allen Garfield, Quinn K. Redeker, Michael Lerner, Karen Carlson

Director: Michael Ritchie

Genres: Comedy drama

Production Co: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts

Keywords: Office, Transformation, Fascinating, Underdog, Brash, 1970s, Father, Rivalry

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