Who has you can’t have it all? With an unprecedented deal to simultaneously release his film “Beasts of No Nation” via Netflix streaming and theatrical distribution, director Gary Fukunaga’s gritty drama will open to large numbers—making him the envy of filmmakers.

“Obviously we want as many people to see the movie as possible,” Fukunaga tells Made in Hollywood. “It’s also important that the movie has a life, especially with a film of this nature, you might get a specialty release, platform release, limited in cinemas—who knows if people are going to see it either way. At least with Netflix, we get the best of both worlds.”

The critically acclaimed film will debut in 31 locations in the top 30 markets, distributed largely by indie theater chain Landmark Theatres. It makes Fukunaga’s film eligible for Academy Award consideration.

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Set amid a civil war in Africa, Idris Elba plays a warlord who takes an orphaned youngster, played by Abraham Attah, as his protégé. The arresting drama follows the brutality of war through a child soldier’s eyes.

Fukunaga, who also wrote “Beasts,” praises his cast of youngsters, particularly newcomer Attah, 15, whose breakout role—his first—has won him critical praise.

“Not every kid can act,” Fukunaga said, “but Abraham was one of those people.
“Kids are amazing…. Something happens after adolescence, I think, when we lose touch with part of our emotional and fantasy life.”

Watch a trailer for the movie below: