*Warning: BB17 spoilers ahead from the live feeds.*

UPDATE 4: Congrats, Steve! In a nail-biter of a Part 3 competition, Steve narrowly beat Vanessa (thanks to a Johnny Mac question). He did not pull a Cody, he evicted his biggest threat, sending Vanessa to jury and taking Liz to the end. He deserved his win -- in a 6-3 vote against Liz -- even if Vanessa was indeed the biggest and best player of BB17.

UPDATE 3: Steve won Part 2 of the Final HOH competition! It was held Friday night, and even though they didn't show it on the live feeds, it was apparently a close one between Steve and Liz. So now he and Vanessa will face off in Part 3. Liz is out of it, but she is still the most likely choice for second place. Vanessa and Steve are BS-ing each other right now, saying no matter what they are the final two together, even though -- secretly -- they both want to evict the other and take Liz to the end. If Steve wins Part 3 he is almost a lock to win BB17, next to Liz. If Vanessa wins Part 3 she is also almost a lock to win BB17. Steve is a sweetheart of a person (except to Becky) and easy to root for, but Vanessa played a much stronger game, so ... Team Vanessa to win.

UPDATE 2: Vanessa won Part 1 of the Final HOH competition, which played out on the live feeds early Thursday morning. Now Liz and Steve will face off in Part 2. Those results should be known on Friday, although we won't see the competition on the feeds, we'll have to wait to watch it next Wednesday on the September 23 finale. That's also when we'll see the winner face Vanessa in Part 3. Whatever happens, Liz looks like a lock for Final 2 and at least $50,000. Johnny thought the final two would be Steve and Vanessa but they don't want to sit next to each other at this point. Too much potential competition for votes.

UPDATE 1: Vanessa evicted Johnny at Final 4, which was the smart move since he immediately told Julie Chen he would've evicted her. They didn't plan to keep their words to each other. Stay tuned for results from Part 1 (endurance) of the Final HOH competition. Vanessa is the favorite to take this one, against Liz and Steve, but we'll see.

Four Head of Household wins. Three Power of Veto wins. Countless tears, blindsides, more tears, deals, tears, "reasons," tears, beanies, tears, "my word," tears, and successful mist manipulations. Vanessa Rousso deserves to win "Big Brother 17." Will she? Fans will see the professional poker player get at least one step closer on tonight's Wednesday, September 16 show -- which will show her winning the all-important Final 4 Veto -- then we'll see if she gets even further in the final HOH competition.

Previously on Biiiiig Brotherrrrrrr, Steve Moses (accidentally?) won himself the Final 4 HOH competition. That's where Tuesday's show ended and tonight's live eviction will bring us down to the final three. Who will join Steve in that three-part competition, to determine the final two and winner? Well, when the live feeds returned, it was revealed that HOH Steve had nominated his allies, Johnny Mac McGuire and Vanessa, aka the people who just saved him by Judas-ing Judas. It was also revealed that Vanessa won the Power of Veto.

That's huge.

Vanessa knew she needed the Final 4 POV to have a prayer of winning the game. If she didn't get that, everyone would vote her out. Steve was especially looking forward to taking her out as a strong argument to the jury. But she's safe, and she alone gets to decide whether to evict Johnny Mac (her target last week) or Liz Nolan (whose showmance mate she just evicted). Either way, she has an excellent shot of winning the final HOH competition and (unless the jury is INCREDIBLY bitter) the entire game.

Right now, it's not clear what Vanessa will do during tonight's live eviction, although Johnny was her target before so she may just send him out. Steve wants Johnny to stay, but he's also having an existential crisis in the BB17 house, because he may have either thrown the POV comp or just "chickened out" (his words) of his plan to evict Vanessa. He wanted that move on his resume going into final three, figuring (rightly) that the jury would be impressed with Steve backstabbing his longtime ally, aka the biggest player in the game.
But Steve either threw the comp or just plain didn't win (Update: On TV, Steve was shown in the Diary Room saying he just didn't get the days right) and Vanessa now has the power. She is more likely to beat Steve in the final endurance comp, and she can match him on the mental stuff. Can she be beat at all? Johnny is a good match for her when it comes to endurance, and he usually almost wins every other comp. She knows this and may take it into consideration, figuring she can (maybe) beat Liz and Steve in the final comps and should beat them with jury votes. (In this parting words, Austin "Judas" Matelson told Vanessa she wouldn't win the game, but he's wrong. The jury would take shots at Vanessa but then they'd hold their noses and give her the win. Right?)

Tonight, after the live eviction, we should see Part 1 of the Final HOH competition on the live feeds, with Part 2 happening on Friday, with the end result known on the live season finale next Wednesday, September 23.

Can Vanessa lose at this point? Yeah. If Johnny stays, he or Steve could win. And Steve could win if he ends up next to Liz. But Liz could also potentially win next to Steve if Steve flakes out in front of the jury. (Steve is in full flake mode at the moment, so it's very possible.) But Vanessa has the best odds to win the $500,000, which -- as a multi-millionaire poker player -- she must like to hear. At this point, Johnny Mac is most likely to just walk away with $25,000 as America's Favorite Houseguest.

Who do you think should and/or will win BB17?

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