Jimmy Kimmel said it best when he called Kristen Wiig a "bad girl" on his show on Monday night.

While promoting her independent film "Nasty Baby," the comedienne reminisced about her teen years that, well, sometimes involved the police. She got stopped once at the U.S./Canadian border; she's been pulled over at least five times; she even got a visit from police for crank calls.

"We crank called with one person a lot and they knew it was us," she said. "Her name was Jenn."

When asked why she cranked this particular girl, Wiig said, "It was just a thing, you know, kids do that."

Her best scam, though, didn't involve authorities. It involved pulling one over on her mother.

"I had a way of getting out of things," she began. "I did one thing that I'm almost hesitant to say because I feel like if kids hear it they're going to do it and their parents are going to blame me," she said before explaining her scam. "I would go out with my friends and I would stay out past curfew, and I would call my house and then my mom would answer, and I would say, 'That's okay mom, I got it,' and she would be like 'Oh your' home?' I’d be like, 'yeah.'"

She was playing a role, just like in a movie.