Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are very comfortable shooting videos for tens of millions of people to download, but the YouTube stars admit that when it came to shooting "Smosh: The Movie," there were some things they didn't expect.

"As far as being on set it didn't really feel too different," Hecox tells Made in Hollywood.

"Despite me being extremely nervous," Padilla adds.

"We got like a trailer, which is super weird," Hecox says. "Usually we shoot a script that’s maybe ten pages at the most, but now we're shooting 90 pages of scripts. So, as far as preparing for it, yeah, it was different."

The film - which centers around Padilla fighting to pull down an embarrassing video before his high school reunion - also features YouTube stars Jenna Marbles, Grace Helbig, Mark Fischback (Markplier) and Harley Morenstein. It hits theaters Thursday as well as Video on Demand. Check out the trailer below:

Smosh: The Movie

PG-131 hr 27 minJul 23rd, 2015