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  • 88
    Peter Travers Rolling Stone

    Penn, in tandem with the superb cinematographer Eric Gautier (The Motorcycle Diaries), captures the majesty and terror of the wilderness in ways that make you catch your breath. show more

  • 75
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle

    A big leap forward for Penn as a director and deserves to be one of the most talked about films of the season. show more

  • 88
    Claudia Puig USA Today

    Captivating and multifaceted. show more

  • 80
    Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

    From seductive start to shattering finish, the film is as stirring, entertaining and steadfastly thrilling as it is beautiful. show more

  • 88
    Carrie Rickey Philadelphia Inquirer

    They are the only misstep in Penn's otherwise sure-footed journey to what he reveals as the heart of lightness. show more

  • 63
    Jack Mathews New York Daily News

    Penn is projecting heroic qualities onto a young guy who simply got in over his head. show more

  • 60
    The Hollywood Reporter

    Penn opts for epic proportions and clutters his narrative with gimmicks. For the most part, it works. What's missing is the perspective and insight that would illuminated the inner dimensions of a driven young man who is preachy and downright irritating. show more

  • 100
    Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times

    Spellbinding. show more

  • 88
    Ken Fox TV Guide

    Flawed but refreshingly intelligent. show more

  • 88
    James Berardinelli ReelViews

    Into the Wild is a beautifully made motion picture and some of the segments (especially those with Hal Holbrook and those that transpire around "the magic bus" in Alaska) are powerful. show more

  • October 27, 2008 dunkyaks
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    it was alright. had alot of flaws with the unneeded scenes as well as the voice over of Chris's sister, Carine (Jena Malone)

  • July 02, 2008 Surferjoelle
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    i just watched this movie and it taught me a lot of lessons. I also liked Kristen Stewarts part =]

  • June 26, 2008 DylanG2020
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    I give this movie 4 stars! I would give it 1000 stars if I could. Into the Wild was a adventureous and feel good film. The movie couldn't of been anymore better! Emile Hisrich is a terrific actor and this movie has a great plot and you'll wanna see it over & over again. Into the Wild has kinda that forest gump feature to it and is worth watching. Trust me, you'll absolutley love this movie......

  • June 10, 2008 Jo Nana
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    A tremendous movie.

  • May 22, 2008 wallsshelly
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    Just watched the movie...loved it. Man out of his element. Just goes to show we all have our place and meaning. We are all searching and wondering and have been hurt by people in our lives, and we all deal with it in our own way. But in the matter what....we are all human. The love that is deep within always comes to light in the end. My heart goes out to the family...the not knowing for all those years had to be very hard and the to be just two weeks from possible having their son back...heartbreaking...

  • May 22, 2008 russell5615
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    Or, should I say, dumbest man ever. I hate to disrespect the dead, and I love anything that Sean Penn is involved with, but this movie really just annoyed the hell out of me. What an effin' moron this guy was. Maybe the movie was well done, I don't even know. I was too irritated w/ this guy's decisions. Some good cinematography, but I have to say when a character stares directly into the camera, it loses a lot for the viewer. It reminds us that the camera is there and this is just a movie.To the story: Yes, I understand the idea(s) that this story was trying to put forth, but doesn't the end kind of justify all points AGAINST what this kid was trying to state w/ his life? His decisions are what killed him, really. Note to self***- If you aren't knowledgeable enough and don't have either the skills nor equipment, maybe wandering off into the wilderness is a BAD idea. Then, after all this, you decide that it was wrong and you wanna go back home, only to find (WHAT A SURPRISE!!) that you can't cross the river 'cuz it was 5' across 3 months ago, and now w/ spring-thaw and whatnot, its become a raging river. Idiot. I'm very sorry this guy died on his adventure/search for meaning, but c'mon, man.

  • May 22, 2008 Visornotes
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    Free as the wind. Not many people can describe their life that way, totally. Especially the ability to travel the country like a gypsy or hobo. Or maybe a college student ? The new film "Into the Wild" tells the true story of Chistopher McCandless, a scholarly recent graduate from Emory University in the early 1990's, who for some reason decides to donate all his money to charity ($24,000), and embark on a journey across the USA, without telling his family or friends where or why. He first travels in his own car toward the West knowing only that he wants to discover himself and seek out adventures unknown. He lose his car to a flash flood, so this is wherehe must start hitchhiking and hiding on trains to travel, back pack in tow. Emile Hirsch plays Chris and totally immerses himself into the part. The movie was written and directed by Sean Penn and based on the book by Jon Krakauer. This is a very deep story to tell, but Penn gives you a little bit at a time, as Chris is a very complex character to get to know ?? In sort of a dream state, Chris thinks back to his upbringing by parents played byWilliam Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden and sister played by the hot Jena Malone. It is a fairly long movie minute wise, but Chris's journey stops in some very interesting and visually stunning places, like South Dakota, where he teams up with a farmer played by Vince Vaughn, the rapids of the Colorado River all the way to Mexico, in the California desert a couple of times, where he meets up with a old hippie couple played brilliantly by Catherine Keener and Brian Dierker. Here Chris finds himself a young girlfriend Tracy, who likes to sing, but is really under age. She is played by Kristen Stewart.They make music together ! After almost 2 years on the road, being kicked off **************** thousands of miles, sleeping on park benches, working at Burger King to survive and get the money to continue travels' , Chris decides to head north to Alaska.

  • May 22, 2008 jadehirsch
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    well.... i saw it and i thought it was great!!! Emile Hirsch is such a great actor! He deserved an Oscar so much! But i digress, his acting skills that he revealed in that movie, just showed that he is literally capable and up for any roll they throw at him! and for god's sake people, give him a break! you do realize that he did not have ANY stunt-double doin all the stuff he did. It was beautiful. The only thing that ticked me off, is that Christopher McCandless died for no reason. He swore tat he had soooooo many issues that he had to deal with.He had money, family, and so many open doors, and oppurtunites. He threw it all away...and for what? And dont give me that "oh...his mom and dad faught a lot bull !!!" Do you know how much i have to go thru on a daily basis in my life. i have so many problems to deal with in my life, but you dont see me goin to da wilderness to get away from it all. You cant always do stuff like dat. I mean i love when the dude FINALLY realizes that "happiness is only real when shared"... yea that was when he DIED!!! well anyways....maybe he was better off dying, because if he coulnt even handle a little argument goin on in his family, then he darn sure coulndnt handle the real world out there. Oh yeah, he said one thing that hurt him was knowing that his dad had another kid and that he was a non-wed child. oh coooommmme onnnn!! my mom had me, my brother, and my sister out of wedlock. And my sister and brother have different dads than me. And the dad of my brother already had kids and his kid has kids and they're 16 years old. And the dad of my sister has another kid too, and I've never met him in real life before, only through emails. So he just needed to sip it up and go on. Becasue God knows him dying in the flippin woods didnt make things better for his family.. Well to make my point he just threw his life away to find what he already had. Dont get me wrong, i'm not mad at Emile, I'm mad at the character he pla

  • May 22, 2008 SUE
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    I did not know anything about the movie before I went. I really liked it and especially all of the wonderful people he met along his journey of life.

  • May 22, 2008 GETGEBBER
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