Adriana Ugarte

Born in January 17th, 1985

From Madrid, Spain

Adriana Ugarte Biography

Adriana Sofía Ugarte Pascual (born January 17, 1985) is a Spanish actress. Ugarte is known for her leading roles on television series. Ugarte landed a starring role in the 2016 Pedro Almodóvar film "Julieta".

Adriana Ugarte Movies

Adriana Ugarte TV Shows

Hache Poster
November 1, 2019
Parot Poster
May 28, 2021
The Time in Between Poster
October 21, 2013
El hormiguero Poster
September 24, 2006
La resistencia Poster
February 1, 2018
Heridas Poster
April 17, 2022
La Señora Poster
March 6, 2008
Martínez y hermanos Poster
April 21, 2022

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