Bruce Cabot

Born in April 20th, 1904

From Carlsbad, New Mexico, U.S.

Bruce Cabot Biography

Bruce Cabot (April 20, 1904 – May 3, 1972) was an American film actor. Tall and athletic looking, he is best remembered as Jack Driscoll in King Kong (1933). He is also well known for his roles in films such as the original Last of the Mohicans, Fritz Lang's Fury and the classic western Dodge City. The character of "Bruce Baxter" in the 2005 remake of King Kong was based on Cabot.

The 2005 remake includes a dedication to the other two lead actors in the 1933 original, but not to Cabot.

Bruce Cabot Filmography

Diamonds Are Forever Poster
December 17, 1971
Big Jake Poster
May 26, 1971
WUSA Poster
August 19, 1970
Chisum Poster
July 29, 1970
The Undefeated Poster
October 4, 1969
Hellfighters Poster
November 27, 1968
The Green Berets Poster
July 4, 1968
The War Wagon Poster
May 27, 1967