Hala Al-Dosari

Hala Al-Dosari Biography

Hala Aldosari is a former visiting scholar at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington. She is interested in the development of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. Aldosari earned her PhD in health services research from Old Dominion University, concentrating on the epidemiology of violence against women and its adverse health outcomes in Saudi Arabia.

She earned her MSc in medical science from the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Aldosari has worked as a medical scientist, lecturer, and an administrator in the Saudi health and education sector. She has also worked as a consultant to the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia in research and planning of the country’s national health policy and services.

In 2015, she completed a fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, focusing on social determinants of women’s health and violence against women. She currently directs and maintains a women’s rights advocacy project online (www.aminah.org) and participates in advocacy efforts and community capacity building aimed at promoting women’s rights and empowerment in Saudi Arabia.

Aldosari is also a writer and a blogger, commenting on Saudi political and social affairs. Her writings have been featured in several major media outlets including The Guardian, Foreign Policy, and Al Jazeera English, among many others. Several of her writings can be found on her blogs.