Joe Cobb

Born in November 7th, 1916

From Shawnee, Oklahoma, United States

Joe Cobb Biography

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Cobb auditioned for producer Hal Roach's comedy series at the age of five. He appeared in 86 Our Gang episodes during seven years, and had three guest appearances in the serial in the 1930s. His first Our Gang short was The Big Show. Cobb appeared in the Our Gang series' last silent film, Saturday's Lesson, and its first talking short, Small Talk.

He was a recognizable character, with chubby cheeks and a trademark beanie cap. Some sources indicate that his final film with the Gang was Bouncing Babies; however, he does not appear onscreen in that short. His last film as a regular cast member was the previous entry Lazy Days, but he would also return for cameos in three more shorts over the years: Fish Hooky, Pay as You Exit, and Reunion in Rhythm.

After his acting career ended in the early 1940s, Cobb became an assembler for North American Aviation, a division of Rockwell International. He retired in 1981. Cobb died of natural causes on May 21, 2002.

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Joe Cobb Filmography

A Yank at Oxford Poster
February 18, 1938
Reunion in Rhythm Poster
January 8, 1937
Pay As You Exit Poster
October 23, 1936
Boxing Gloves Poster
September 9, 1929
Lazy Days Poster
August 24, 1929
Railroadin' Poster
June 15, 1929