Kao Pao-shu

Born in January 1st, 1932

From Suzhou, China

Kao Pao-shu Biography

Kao Pao-shu or Gao Baoshu (Chinese: 高寶樹; 1932–2000) was a Chinese actress, producer, writer and film director who appeared in over 100 films during her career. Originally from China, Kao moved to Hong Kong in 1951, where she acted in minor role before joining Shaw Brothers Studio in 1958. Here, she starred in over 80 films, working alongside directors Yueh Feng and Cheng Kang, and she made her directorial debut in 1970 in Lady with a Sword.

Later she started her own company, producing films throughout the 1970s before she retired in the 1980s. In July 2000, she died at the age of 68.

Kao Pao-shu Filmography