Sophie Bawks-Smith

Born in June 17th, 2001

Sophie Bawks-Smith Biography

Sophie Bawks-Smith is an aspiring actor born and raised on Quadra Island. She has now based herself in Victoria BC. She began acting, dancing, and singing in local theatre productions at a young age and progressed quickly to performing an assortment of principal, supporting, and leading roles in both theatre and film productions. Her on-screen credentials include starring in director Avalon Fast’s earlier short works “Night Trouble” and “Violets Bloom in April.

” Most recently, she played the lead of “Willow” in Avalon Fast’s feature film debut “Honeycomb.”As an actor, Sophie brings professionalism and creativity to every role she plays. She takes pride in her performance and has an immense dedication to character. While Sophie has the strong capability and diversity to embody many different personalities, she has mastered the essence of the outspoken, dramatic, best friend you have always wanted.

Sophie has been recognized by directors for always remembering and perfecting her lines. After experiencing and witnessing the work put into “Honeycomb” both on and off-screen, she has developed a great admiration for the production of film. Although screen acting remains her passion, she hopes to further experience the many components of the industry.

She is eager to return to the screen and build on the skills learned from her past projects.

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