Victor Campos

Born in January 15th, 1935

From New York City, New York, USA

Victor Campos Biography

Victor Campos was born on January 15, 1935 in New York, New York. He was of Spanish (Castilian), Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage. He began his acting career in 1966. Some of his credits include: the TV-Series "Hawk", "The FBI", "The Rookies", "The Mod Squad", "Kojak", "Doctors Hospital", "Cades County" the film "The Adversary", "Black Sunday" "Scarface", "Juice" "Sleepaway Camp IV: The Survivor", "Shallow Ground" and "Locker 13" to just name a few.

Victor Campos died in Sherman Oaks, Ca. from complications of prostate cancer. He is survived by his daughter Lee Campos Montesino, his grandchildren Tristen Montesino and Trenten Montesino, his sisters, Laura Romano, Elba Campos, Roseanna Rizzo, his nieces Lisa Rose, Kim Libretta, Grace Rizzo and nephew Josiah Rizzo.