Yoon Suk Nam

Born in July 25th, 1939

Yoon Suk Nam Biography

Yun Suk nam is Korean Feminist Artist. Yun Suknam was born in Manchuria, China in 1939. In 1944, Yun returned to Korea, a year before Korea's liberation from Japan. She studied English literature at Sungkyunkwan University, printmaking at Pratt Institute Graphic Center and painting at Art Student League in New York. Yun had her first solo exhibition at Fine Art Center (currently Arko Art Center), in 1982, and held many other solo shows at Kumho Art Museum (1993), Kamakura Gallery in Japan (1998), Ilmin Museum of Art (2003) and Hakgojae Gallery (2009).

She participated the major exhibitions of Korean feminist art history including October Group Show (1985, Kwanhoon Art Gallery), From Half to One (1986, Min Art Gallery), Women and Reality (1987, Min Art Gallery), and 99' Women's Art Festival: Patjis on Parade (1999, Seoul Arts Center), and invited to international exhibitions including Venice Biennale Special Exhibition (1995), Biennale of Sidney (2000) and Gwangju Biennale (2000).

Yun received Lee Jung Seob Award in 1996 and the Prime Minister Prize in 1997.