Red Shoe Diaries

Red Shoe Diaries (1992)

"Trapped by a burning secret. Torn by a blazing desire."
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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 43 minMay 16th, 1992Drama, Thriller

He gave her his devoted passion. He offered her a lasting relationship. He promised her a secure future. She thought he was all she ever wanted. Until she met everything she ever desired: the perfect body... on the perfect man... with a perfect opportunity for having a secret affair with a total stranger. Haunted by guilt, she is drawn uncontrollably into the powerful, beckoning arms of illicit lust and feverish obsession. But like a moth lured to the candle, the fire that now controls her could be the flame that one day consumes her.

David Duchovnyas Jake Winters
Billy Wirthas Thomas K. Butler