Congrats, Frank Eudy, you just went from top dog to the doghouse in the span of one week on "Big Brother 18."

This week, Paulie Calafiore is Head of Household and Victor Arroyo is set to be the third person evicted from BB18. There's nothing the house can do about Frank at this point, but next week? Next week Frank may be in trouble.

UPDATE: Wrinkle in the Week 3 plans: Bridgette is the Week 3 HOH, and her entire Category 4 team -- including Frank -- is safe. Plus, Frank just got more power by winning the Roadkill comp.

BB14 alum Frank is a comp beast, so it's very possible he could save himself (and he does seem to be a production favorite, which never hurts) but he is currently leading a master class in Playing The Game Too Hard. He's making deals with everyone in the house, talking trash about Tiffany Rousso to the point where of course she now wants to target him, and he's also doing random stuff like this to sabotage his own social game:

Here's your fan favorite from BB14, America! The majority of the house has compared stories, and they see that Frank has been overplaying his hand. So a good chunk of the 8 Pack has turned against him -- especially Da'Vonne Rogers and her Fatal Five alliance (minus maybe Michelle, but plus James).

Big Brother Daily does a good job of following the live feeds minute by minute, and here's their rundown from late last night:

1:00-2:00 AM: Da'Vonne told James that Frank has promised Final 4 deals to her, Zakiyah, Nicole and Bridgette. Da'Vonne revealed that she wants Frank out next week. James said wow. Da'Vonne said Frank is rude and nasty, and the women are tired of it. Da'Vonne and James agreed that Frank is not the person they expected him to be. Da'Vonne said it sucks cause she wanted it to be the four returnees but Frank is playing too hard. They agreed that he made a selfish move by telling Paulie about the alliance without him. Da'Vonne listed off the five votes to evict Frank as James, Nicole, Zakiyah, Tiffany and herself. James asked if they would still have a group once Frank goes. Da'Vonne said it would be the two of them and Nicole. James said he was thinking all along that Frank had been playing too hard and making too many deals. James worried that sending Frank home is the type of move that can get you evicted the next week. James suggested going along with Frank's plans until an endurance competition comes around. Instead of nominating Corey and Paulie, James said he could take Frank out. James mentioned letting Frank get Tiffany out. Da'Vonne questioned who would take Frank out then. James said they could do it the following week.

2:00-3:00 AM: Nicole joined Da'Vonne and James. James admitted to messing up by telling Frank that Corey said he doesn't want to throw the HoH competition. Nicole said that's really bad. James brought up that Bridgette is in Frank's back pocket. Nicole said it's a Derrick and Victoria type relationship. They discussed that they could take Bridgette out but decided if you are going to make Frank mad then you should just send him home. Nicole suggested that James should tell Corey that Frank wants him to take him out. Nicole said that Corey could then win HoH and take Frank out. James wasn't sure if Corey would listen to him. Nicole said she could get Corey on board if she tried hard enough. James said he too could try but it would be a risk. After James left, Da'Vonne told Nicole to get Corey to fight for HoH this week. Da'Vonne said they now definitely have the numbers to get Frank out since James is on board. Da'Vonne didn't mind that James may want to wait to make the move. She was happy that he is on board with it at all.

So it's possible Frank could be facing a mutiny/blindside next week, unless he wins HoH or Power of Veto or pulls a fast one with the Roadkill comp. It's good news that the returnees aren't just going to steamroll the noobs without keeping an eye on each other, and the idea of House vs. Frank has already made this summer more interesting.

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