Carey Mulligan had a real blast on the set on her newest film "Suffragette."

"We had a real explosion! We had a car and camera. I never get to do stuff like that in films, so I was thrilled!” a giddy Mulligan told Stephen Colbert about filming the drama on "The Late Show" on Monday.

In the film, Carey plays a Maud, a working class woman who fights for women's rights to vote in the early 1900s England. "She believes gaining the power to vote will give her a better life, so she was swept up in the resistance," Mulligan added.

At first, women rallied peacefully to demand equality, but as the movement evolved, campaigners turned to more violent measures. "That didn't work, so the next step was to start doing stuff--and they did a lot of stuff," she said. "There were lots of fights with police, riots and blowing up buildings."

"It was shot in the House of Parliament, which hasn't been done since the '50s, so that was cool, and we shot a lot in eastern London in a place called Shoreditch," she said.

The latter of the two cities is known for having a young hipster vibe, and that gave the cast and crew some opportunities to have a little fun.

"It's very hip. [Locals] all wear kind of antique, vinatgey clothing and all look very cool,” she said. “They would sort of wander onto our set all the time, so we had this game: hipster or extra?"