Julie Newmar

Born in August 16th, 1933

From Los Angeles, California, USA

Julie Newmar Biography

Julie Newmar (born Julia Chalene Newmeyer on August 16, 1933) is an American actress, dancer and singer. Her most famous role is that of Catwoman in the Batman television series.

Julie Newmar Movies

Julie Newmar TV Shows

Star Trek Poster
September 8, 1966
The Twilight Zone Poster
October 2, 1959
Bewitched Poster
September 17, 1964
Columbo Poster
September 15, 1971
Batman Poster
January 12, 1966
Get Smart Poster
September 18, 1965
According to Jim Poster
October 3, 2001
The Bionic Woman Poster
January 14, 1976

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