• Ulrich  Thomsen

    Ulrich Thomsen

    Born on December 6th, 1963

    From Odense, Denmark


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The Commune Poster

The Commune

Personal desires clash with solidarity and tolerance in a Danish commune.

Robert Award (2017)
Best Actor in a Leading Role
Summer of '92 Poster

Summer of '92

Following the underdog 1992 Danish Euro Cup team who replaced Yugoslavia, which had been barred due to U.N. sanctions from international football.

Robert Award (2016)
Best Actor in a Leading Role
The Inheritance Poster

The Inheritance

Christoffer (Ulrich Thomsen) is a Danish man who stands to inherit a huge fortune, but he has abandoned his family's industrial business to live with his beautiful wife, Maria (Lisa Werlinder). When his father hangs himself, Christoffer returns to Denmark and becomes embroiled in family issues. Christoffer's manipulative brother-in-law (Lars Brygmann) wants to take over the family business, while his overbearing mother pressures him to take control instead, an idea his wife desperately opposes.

Bodil Awards (2004)
Best Actor
Robert Award (2004)
Best Actor in a Leading Role