SKOREA-ENTERTAINMENT-MOVIE-AVENGERSHulk. Smash. Ego. You know that "Thor: Ragnarok" is now filming Down Under, and both (Thor) and (Hulk) have been sharing snippets from the set. Sadly, the life of a superhero isn't always glamorous, as Ruffalo revealed in his latest post.

Ruffalo first shared this brief Hulk punch on July 12:

He seemed in good spirits then, but there's a lot of hurry-up-and-wait on the average film set; a bored-looking Ruffalo returned to Twitter on Tuesday to share a new video, while covered in his special effects attire. "Hello, all. It's your humble servant Mark Ruffalo waiting to shoot some Hulk scenes in my legendary man-cancelling suit. It's glamorous, but someone has to do it."

Poor guy. It'll all be worth it in the final product (or so we hope). Director Taika Waititi will present us with that finished film on November 3, 2017.

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