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  • September 08, 2015 steph
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    This was much too heavy for children. It placed too much importance on all of these "emotional memory islands" and even I thought if the little girl lost all of her emotional islands she might end up with brain damage...or very emotionally disturbed. It was just a horrible premise overall... so much importance on the islands to me indicated they could never be "built" again. Her losing all of her connections to family, friends and loving memories was just creepy and mean spirited. That being said, the acting was charming and the little characters were cute, but the overall tone of the movie was too heavy and unfortunate. It didn't work as an effective feel good kids move. I wouldn't recommend it.

  • September 05, 2015 tpotshort
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    It seems a bit heavy for young children, and we don't have the benefit of being able to get inside their minds to see how they interpret the movie, unless they are old enough to explain it. I'm curious how the movie fares in San Francisco, or, for that matter, in a theatre on a military installation. Any kid who happens to be in any new town and was not in on the decision making may feel that if he/she tries to run away or cries hard enough, the situation can be reversed...and very often, that is not the case. My parents and I relocated at least 9 or 10 times before I was the age of the kid in the movie, and an ocean of tears wouldn't have changed a thing. It takes a bit too long, for a kid's movie, to get around to proving that emotions are not really in charge; we have Brains as well, to carry us through disappointment. Kids who have a bit of Peter Pan in their souls might see the movie and fear growing up. Sadness looking like the kid who eats too many hot fudge sundaes----was that necessary? The obligatory 'stairway crumbling underfoot' sequences...way to stretch a movie. The trailer made me want to watch the movie, but most of the very best bits got used up in the trailer. I did like how the people in the movie were 'normal' looking; animation has certainly improved! Woody Allen's 'Everything you Always Wanted to Know about Sex' featured a 'mission control' type scenario, and 'Osmosis Jones', in 2001, made a person regret buying popcorn.' Inside Out' was a nice Sunday afternoon diversion, but two other movie choices have grand scenery, best seen on the Big Screen.. These are the choices we make when we see films with other people, so sometimes an adult has to make time to 'go it alone' later. Because we are Worth It.

  • June 28, 2015 mdohrenwen
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    Movie was too heavy on sad issues ... I was expecting a much Lighter comedy.