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Air Date: September 18th, 1989

Network: FOX

Series Summary
Humans work with aliens to rid Los Angeles of cultural prejudice.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Crime drama, Science fiction


  • Season 1 - Episode 23 : Green Eyes May 7, 1990

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    While investigating a series of mysterious Newcomer deaths, Sikes and George discover a plan to eliminate the Newcomer population with a lethal bacteria.

  • Season 1 - Episode 22 : The Touch Apr 30, 1990

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    Sikes and George uncover an overseer rejuvenation plot when they investigate the dramatic behavior change of a boy Cathy knew on the slaveship.

  • Season 1 - Episode 21 : Gimme Gimme Apr 9, 1990

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    George searches for the killer of a Newcomer corporate executive who invented a durable synthetic fabric.

  • Season 1 - Episode 20 : Rebirth Mar 12, 1990

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    Sikes vows to capture the Newcomer convenience store robber who attacked him and left him near death.

  • Season 1 - Episode 19 : Crossing the Line Feb 26, 1990

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    Sikes (Gary Graham) vows to capture a serial murderer who once eluded him when it appears he has killed again. With Eric Pierpoint and Michele Scarabelli.

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  • Graham and Pierpoint do a nice job of playing off each other, and Michele Scarabelli and Lauren Woodland as Pierpoint's wife and daughter work well, too. Still, the premise is limiting and the guess is this show is much more likely to become a curiosity than a hit. [18 Sept 1989, p.D-6] Show More

  • Issues of bias and prejudice are moved to center stage, rather heavyhandedly. There are references, direct and veiled, to blacks and civil-rights struggles, the Holocaust, and AIDS hysteria. But Gary Graham and Eric Pierpoint are effective as, respectively, a younger, hipper Matthew and a mellower George. For television, Fox's Alien Nation is different, adventurous and very much worth monitoring. Show More

  • Alien Nation is covered with ooze. For one thing, it's about as subtle as an AK-47. For another, its aliens lack interest because -- except for looking a little different and humming like tuning forks when engaged in sexual foreplay -- they're almost human clones. Show More

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