M*A*S*H Poster

Air Date: September 17th, 1972

Network: CBS

Series Summary
Army surgeons blow off steam between hours of combat surgery.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Sitcom, War


  • Season 11 - Episode 16 : Goodbye, Farewell and Amen Feb 28, 1983

    As the war ends, Hawkeye has a nervous breakdown; Charles is dismayed when Margaret helps him get a position in Boston; B.J. tries to leave early; Father Mulcahy has a hearing loss; Klinger proposes to Soon Lee.

  • Season 11 - Episode 15 : As Time Goes By Feb 21, 1983

    Everyone steps forth with memorable contributions when Hot Lips insists that a time capsule be left by the 4077th crew.

  • Season 11 - Episode 14 : Give and Take Feb 14, 1983

    When Charles is handed the job of being the 4077's charity collection officer, he desperately tries to pass the buck.

  • Season 11 - Episode 13 : Friends and Enemies Feb 7, 1983

    An old and dear friend of Col. Potter's arrives with injuries sustained in a careless accident.

  • Season 11 - Episode 12 : Say No More Jan 24, 1983

    A gruff general visits his severely injured son and faces the harsh realities of military life when the young man dies.