Dragons: Race to the Edge Poster

Air Date: June 26th, 2015

Series Summary
The further adventures of Hiccup and his friends on the Island of Berk.

Rating: TVY7

Genres: Adventure, Children, Action, Fantasy, Animated


  • Season 5 - Episode 13 : Sins of the Past Aug 25, 2017

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    When Heather goes to meet a man claiming to have seen Oswald, she walks into a trap that forces the Dragon Riders to pay an unexpected price.

  • Season 5 - Episode 12 : Searching for Oswald ... and Chicken Aug 25, 2017

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    A sketch in an old diary leads Hiccup and Fishlegs back to Vanaheim, where they help Dagur search for his missing father, Oswald the Agreeable.

  • Season 5 - Episode 11 : Snuffnut Aug 25, 2017

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    Ruffnut refuses to become Throk's bride because it would mean leaving her twin; Tuffnut fakes his own death.

  • Season 5 - Episode 10 : No Dragon Left Behind Aug 25, 2017

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    After Stormfly tangles with poisonous Slitherwings while defending Garff, Astrid risks her own life to get an ingredient to make an antidote.

  • Season 5 - Episode 9 : The Wings of War, Part 2 Aug 25, 2017

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    An unlikely ally helps Hiccup uncover Singetail behaviors that can be exploited to conquer the Flyers; overconfident Krogan makes a strategic error.