Rectify Poster

Air Date: April 22nd, 2013

Network: Sundance TV

Series Summary
A man struggles to adjust to life after spending 20 years on death row.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Drama


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  • None of these characters is particularly happy or remotely satisfied with his or her station in life, and in a lesser show, they’d be depressing downers. But thanks to the writing of show creator Ray McKinnon, these are people who strike you as folks you know, or whom you may be yourself. Show More

  • Moody, dark yet at times poetic, this is TV made in the indie-film style, without pretense. Adult, premium-cable caliber without the visual excess. Show More

  • It’s a breathtaking work of immense beauty and a thought-provoking meditation on the nature of crime and punishment, of identity and solitude, of guilt and absolution. It is, quite simply, the best new show of 2013. Show More

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